A July of cupcakes…

So much summer fun and so many cupcakes! July has been a very cupcake-y month so far! I can’t believe I’ve actually had my oven on so much when it’s barely been below 90 degrees every day!

Here is a sneak peek of the cupcake craziness that July has brought so far!

Super chocolatey caramel-filled cupcakes for a good friend’s baby shower!
Photo by baby shower guest and super photog-to-be Michelle T

I made the toppers with flowers, little tack things, and toothpicks from Oriental trading company-  I will share the recipe for this amazing chocolate frosting soon!
Photo cred to the wonderful Michelle T- I’m totally hitting her up to take some more photos of my cake creations!

Berry patriotic chocolate cupcakes with delicious cream cheese frosting!
iphone instagram goodness by chubbymama

Skater dude bday party cupcakes for an awesome 8 year old!
Photo by Heidi of HMPhotography also mama of the birthday boy!

I usually go for natural deliciousness but knew that a skater party needed pops of color. One of my first times using color gel in my frosting.
photo by Heidi HMPhotography

Yes I even attempted a skateboard cake… also played around a bit with blue fondant! To save time I bought Duff’s buttercream fondant at Michael’s but I have a marshmallow fondant recipe I’ve been wanting to try!
photo by Heidi HMPhotography

I have a chair of bowlies bowl of cherries in my fridge that I hope to use up making cherry vanilla almond cupcakes for a certain “Tupperware” party I am invited too.. .ahem… I’ve never been to an X-rated tupperware party maybe you’ve heard of them they go by the name Pure Romance… I think I need to secure a babysitter for this one :)

Peace, Love and Tupperware parties

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