A monster turns 1!

Yea yea I know it’s been almost 2 months but you should know good things come to those who wait. The Lil Diva waited 7 years for a little sister and what did she get?!? A little monster known as her brother :) So how fitting that we threw a little monster party for his first birthday!

I will admit I had ideas for his party months before his birthday but as usual life gets chaotic so I didn’t get a chance to do much until  the day before the party! I was still throwing things together when guests started arriving! Plus I struggled a little with the party being half inside and half outside, it was so hot but it was Memorial day weekend, what do you do???

Lucky for me (and you) I have some very talented friends and some a ton of awesome photos from the party for your viewing pleasure! Thanks to Jessica from livethefancylife.com and Heidi from HM Photography! I’ve known Jes for over 12 years and Heidi for 7 and they still put up with me! Needless to say this is a very photo-heavy post!

Here are some shots of the decor, and seriously, having someone who knows a thing or two about photography really makes my last-minute/low-budget decor look pretty great!

I basically had the Lil Diva glue googly eyes to everything we could find!
Googly eyes and paper circles from the Dollar Tree
photo from the fabulous Jessica from livethefancylife.com

Inspired by our local library’s creative use of cookie sheets I spray painted some and used magnetic letters to create a sign, I used magnetic letters  pretty much any where I could stick them!
photo by the fabulous Heidi of HMPhotography

I found these monster finger puppets at Target
photo thanks to Jessica livethefancylife.com

Monster duckies! Courtesy of Oriental Trading Co.
photo courtesy of Jessica livethefancylife.com

The Lil Diva and her new found love of origami made these little fry containers for candy
photo by the brilliant Jessica of livethefancylife.com

Some of the fun activities:

Monster piñata- the hubster picked up at the Midtown Global Market
photo by Jessica livethefancylife.com

The ball pit with his buddy Bodhi! (son of Jessica from livethefancylife.com who also took this photo) which later became a water filled ball pit- post cake smash -to clean up and cool off

He LOVED the ball pit!
this moment of pure joy was captured by Jessica livethefancylife.com

Make your own monster mouths and glasses with noses for the photo booth! from Oriental Trading Company. See more magnetic letters!
iphone photo oto oto oto yea yea yea

Lil Diva with her grandparents in front of the awesome photo booth backdrop created by Jessica from livethefancylife!
photo by Heidi HMPhotography

And of course the goodies:

Guac-o-rrific guacamole from Megan at The Rebodification of Miss Megan
see? magnetic letters!
photo by chubbymama iphone photos :)

The Party Monsters!
iphone photos r us

Banana choco-chip and Oreo cupcakes galore! Plus an eyeball smash cake! Recipes to follow in a future post :)
photo by Jessica livethefancylife.com

And the birthday boy having the time of his life:

moment capture by Heiderrific of HMPhotography

Water filled ball pit with cake chunks floaters and a happy little monster
photog magic by Heidi HMPhotography

Half naked birthday monster!
by HMPhotography‘s wonderous Heidi

And a couple of precious awwwwwww inspiring moments:

The thrill of balloons with Megatron

Besos from Ampa

Baby legs!

I don’t think I have ever seen a 1 year old have sooooo much fun at his birthday party! The party also reminded but of what awesome friends and family we have! There are about 100 more photos I would love to share but I will restrain myself.

True to our multicultural family style the party started at 2pm and lasted until past midnight! That’s just how we roll.  This blog post from Latinish.com explains everything :)

Peace, Love and birthday party-ness!

5 thoughts on “A monster turns 1!

  1. Thanks for the link and I absolutely LOVE this party theme! So creative. I especially like the use of the magnetic letters!

  2. Great job!! This looked like a really fun party. I love all the decorations and tasty treats! You are so talented.
    I’m wondering about the strawberry/cracker Birthday Monsters – is that creamed cheese? They look delicious!!

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