I did it!!

I survived my first 5k! This morning I walk/ran the Lederhosenlauf 5K in St. Paul, MN and I feel awesome! ok my calves are a little achy but I did it! I almost wanted to cry for a minute right before mile 2 but I finished with a smile on my face!

Just crossed the finish line! All sweaty and gross but smiling!

This is how my morning started:

4:58am- I wake up in a panic that I have overslept but then realize it’s not even 5 yet, then I wonder where the baby boy is…he usually wakes up between 3:30am-5am and we bring him into our bed but he hadn’t woke up yet! sweet!

6:10am- my alarm goes off- I turn it off quick because I don’t want baby boy to wake up but I realize he must still be sleeping in his crib! score!

6:28am- I jolt awake! I must have dozed off again right after I turned my alarm off! Argh!

I proceed to get myself prepared- wash face, brush teeth, attempt to braid my hair German style… my mom and Lil Diva are awake and getting dressed to come to cheer me on, well mom to watch the chickadees so I can run and for moral support of course :)

I decide to wear my “got beer?” shirt from Ludus Tours, the company we went to Oktoberfest with in 2010, and put on my lucky socks. Yes I have lucky socks… underwear too but they are only for when I travel internationally… TMI? well too late.

6:42am- I wake up baby boy- he’s so cute in the morning- and get him ready.

6:55am-  I try to get everyone in the car- the main road I would take to St. Paul is under construction so I wanted to head out early!

7:12am- Finally get everyone in the car… I am now more nervous because I might be late!

7:30am-Quick stop at the gas station for something to tide the Lil Diva over and plans to grab a banana to eat pre-race, but this ridiculous store did not have bananas!!! So I grabbed a powerbar and ate half so I would at least have something in my stomach!

7:45am- Found the Germanic American Institute and some parking! Haul the kids and stroller out of the car- feeling super nervous!

The Germanic American Institute in St. Paul, MN where there are lots of Germans-Yah

7:52am- get my number and my commemorative t-shirt :) I was actually greeted with a ‘Guten tag’ by the lady at the registration table.

7:53am- meet up with my awesome co-worker, Maritza, who is running too!

Maritza and I pre-race and smiling!

8am- Enjoy some random German pop music along with an accordion while we line up

8:10am- We’re off!!

I started off running… almost made it to mile marker 1 before I had to walk a bit, walked the majority of the next 3/4 mile, ran past the 2 mile marker- had a what the !@#$ was I thinking when I wanted to do this moment but that only lasted for a minute! Walked/ran mile 3 and ran across the finish line!

There was another runner who was very motivating, we kept passing each other, I was walking – she’d pass me, she was walking – I’d pass her and she’d cheer me on every time, we actually ran across the finish line together and they announced her name and that she has lost over 93 pounds! All I caught was her first name, Shelly, but she was such a great gal!!

Of course afterwards I had to partake in the Bavarian breakfast, a brat with sauerkraut, and bier after the race! What can I say, I’m a little bit proud of myself, I never thought I would do a 5k!

Enjoying the German bier and live accordion music

My brat with kraut  and my bier…yah

Hard core German runners who can run in drindl and lederhosen

Gotta love the live accordion music!

It was awesome a lot of the time, it sucked some of time but I hope I can muster up the determination to do another one! I can only wish that the next one will be on an equally beautiful day as this morning… and that they give me bier at the end too, hey it contributed to the motivation to finish :)


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3 thoughts on “I did it!!

  1. The brat and beer look so good – now I’m craving LOL. Congrats on the run! Anyone who can run more than half a block (that’s about my limit LOL), is impressive in my book!

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