Te de canela- Cinnamon Tea

The other day my hubby made some Te de canela- cinnamon tea, that he remembers his grandmother always having in her house. I seriously don’t think it can get any easier…

sticks of cinnamon

Fill pot with water

Add 1 cinnamon stick

Bring water to a boil

Let boil for a couple minutes

Let sit for a while (we let it sit overnight for maximum cinnamon-y-ness)

almost gone- te de canela

Re-heat- add your preferred form of sweetness if desired (I tossed in a little packet of stevia in the raw) and ENJOY!

Mama Magos, my husband’s grandmother, believes that cinnamon can cure almost any ailment, I say cheers to you Mama Magos all the more reason to add cinnamon to everything I make!

After enjoying a hot cup of super wonderful healing pure cinnamon warmth I decided to take it a step further…

I filled my mug about 1/4 full with vanilla almond milk, then filled it up the rest of the way with the tea- what?!?!? Oh YES!

thank you Almond Breeze

I felt part genius, part cheating but dang it was GOOOOOD.

me- with no make up! enjoying my cinnamon tea- yes the coffee mug was a gift from my mom :)... a couple Valentine's days back

Since we are about to get a major leap year snowstorm I think I will bunker down at home and enjoy my te de canela.

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